# Team

1. Development Team

The development team of N-PIK service has high technology and experience.

By providing crowdfunding solutions to the market, we have attracted over $2.2 billion in cumulative funding and have experience providing and servicing virtual asset exchanges, Blockchain deployed games, staking services, NFT exchanges, and Blockchain mainnet development solutions.

In addition, numerous patents related to Blockchain and CBDC have also been applied for and registered.

Project developers' high level of experience and understanding of the market will contribute to the high growth of N-PIK services.

2. Management Team

Juyong Kim - CEO / CTO

Former Chairman, SDG YOUTH

Former United Nations Staff Member

Jeff Suubi - CEO

Former Regional Director, SDG YOUTH Uganda

Mpiirwe Jemes - COO

Former Specialist Lawyer in Gaming Betting, Uganda

Isaac Rucci - CMO

Former Event Planner, Artist, and Broadcaster in Uganda

Former Member of Uganda's First Gaming Corporation

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