# Core Concepts

What is PIK Token?

We are preparing for the ecosystem that the advancement of blockchain technology will bring. We anticipate that the upcoming tokenization, i.e., the blockchain ecosystem based on global currency units, will play a crucial role in expanding business opportunities. We are confident that by adopting a service based on global currency units in the legitimate business wager game market, we can expand worldwide. To realize this vision, we have obtained legal casino licenses in Kenya and Uganda. With these licenses as a foundation, we aim to lead the blockchain-based wager game market. Through the introduction of the PIK token, we aspire to create a new blockchain-based casino ecosystem.

To increase accessibility for users PIK Token is deployed on Ethereum network. Along with blockchain technologies on N-PIK sites we also integrated hybrid decentralized services based on Ethereum through patented “s2k L2 system”. This enables users to transparently prove Ethereum deployed assets (game utility tokens, N-PIK token etc.) on a daily basis.


After the initial ICO distribution, PIK tokens will undergo a total burn of 450,000,000 out of the total issuance of 600,000,000 at the launch of the N-PIK service, with an estimated actual circulation of only 150,000,000 tokens sequentially thereafter. Following the closure of the initial ICO sale, token supply for regular users will be ensured solely through airdrops.

To maximize efficiency for N-PIK ICO participants and facilitate rapid investment returns and profit realization, we offer the PLYP airdrop service. Funds raised will be allocated towards the launch, marketing, development, acquisition of related companies, and update expenses for the N-PIK service.

*During the initial service period, locked quantities may be supplied separately to users outside of the ICO due to investment or partnership issues.

*The PLYP ICO airdrop service may end prematurely.

What is Play PIK Token(PLYP)?

This is an event token that will be airdropped to those who participated in the N-PIK ICO.

- Playing with PLYP You can play with the token. The ICO payout price is $0.08, and when used in the game, they will be available at a rate of $0.1 per 1 PLYP.

- Trading with other users You can trade PLYP within the N-PIK site or through affiliated exchanges. Early ICO participants have an advantage in recovering their ICO participation fee by selling PLYP. Buyers can buy and participate in the game at a lower cost, which is about 20% more favorable than the actual token value. Example) If you play the game with USDT, you will spend 10 USDT; if you play the game with PLYP, you can buy PLYP worth 10 USDT for 8 USDT through person-to-person transactions and proceed to the game. In other words, PLYP holders have an advantage in closing the transaction if they sell at a lower price than the normal market price.

- Bankswap via N-PIK. The swap function between PLYP and USDT will use 10~30%(Event) of N-PIK revenue to recover at a rate of $0.12 per 1 PLYP. Example) You can buy PLYP at the initial issue price of $0.08, enter the game at a value of $0.1, and exit at $0.12 via Bankswap. If you buy PLYP at $0.08 and then immediately bank swap, you will have a 31.25% return without playing the game. With 30% of N-PIK's daily profit going to Bankswap, users looking for a quick exit strategy can take advantage of this feature. Services like these allow ICO participants to get their money back quickly. * Bankswap will continue until all PLYP issued from the initial ICO participation have been redeemed.

- N-PIK Token + PLYP Collection Stability Up. The reason we are introducing PLYP is to provide ICO participants with the opportunity to retrieve their ICO participation funds through transactions and gameplay using PLYP while maintaining the assets of PIK Token. * PLYP can only be initially airdropped through ICO participation, and the PLYP airdrop service may be terminated early regardless of the ICO's continuation. * The lineup of games using PLYP coin is limited to the in-house provided lineup.

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