# Ex Staking

1. Planning Intent

We have planned the "Ex Staking Service" with the aim of increasing the possibility of actual profit realization for users participating in the PIK token ecosystem. Even if a coin achieves a trading volume of 100x after issuance, it is difficult to maintain the price of the initial issuance coin at 100x when all coins are sold at 100x. Even with the securing of many buying forces to maintain the price at 100x, the probability of profit realization for users who bought at 100x significantly decreases.

The blockchain casino market can be broadly divided into two categories. The first market is where the blockchain betting is introduced based on the performance of the existing online casino market, and the second market is where coins are issued along with the introduction of blockchain and grows together with participating users through airdrops. The competitiveness of the second market lies in increasing the value of coins through the holding users and profit-sharing, and providing users of the casino with the opportunity for additional profit through airdrops via games. Through this, the marketing effectiveness of the service can be maximized, and it can be a competitiveness to increase market share.

We also consider our coin ecosystem as a marketing tool for growth with users. However, an oversized coin ecosystem struggles to maintain its growth momentum.

Through "Ex Staking" we aim to achieve the actual profit realization goal of users participating in the Pik token ecosystem and sustain the growth of N-PIK service by burning all PIK tokens and issuing PIK v2 Tokens through swap.

Our PIK token issued under this structure will provide users participating in the ecosystem with continuous opportunities for profit realization.

2. Service Summary

  • Receive dividends continuously up to 30 times the amount staked in Ex Staking(based on the first seed).

  • Depending on the PIK token ecosystem, you can receive dividends up to 100 times the seed level. However, it may end at a specific seed according to policy.

  • After the end of dividends, all staking amounts will be burned, and you will receive PIK v2 Tokens at a rate of 1/10 (for example).

  • Burn all PIK tokens through Ex Staking and airdrop newly issued PIK v2 Tokens.

3. Ecosystem Effects

  • By burning the potentially oversized PIK token ecosystem through the success of N-PIK services and launching PIK v2 Tokens anew, the growth momentum of N-PIK services can be sustained.

  • PIK v2 Tokens, issued after proof of revenue in N-PIK services (burning of PIK token ecosystem through revenue), can bring new sensations with high expectations.

  • Through Ex Staking, not only game participants but also general users who seek profit realization through Ex Staking can expand the buying force.

  • The dividends from Ex Staking and the expansion of general buying force through it are likely to form the PIK Token trading price at 70% of the seed dividend price (e.g., 30 times the dividend price). Reason: Even if users buy coins with 70% of the total dividend amount and stake them, a profit rate of 30% will occur.

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