# Competitiveness and vision

1. Development Competitiveness

N-PIK, a service with insights into blockchain and unique technologies.

Currently, the blockchain casino market is shaped by platforms such as Rollbit and Stake, which have introduced blockchain technology after operating in the online casino business for a long time. However, as the market is still in its early stages, platforms like Rollbit and Stake operate in a centralized manner (with the company holding user assets), posing transparency issues in asset management and increasing the risk of incidents.

This issue, akin to the FTX exchange incident, can arise during the growth phase through competitive services and may involve issues such as licensing on a country-by-country basis or user risks (withdrawal restrictions) due to the overextension of operational entities. Such uncertainties regarding asset management inevitably cause anxiety among users.

In this environment, the blockchain service offered by our company, N-PIK, stands out by introducing patented technology (a hybrid decentralized method where users hold their assets in their wallets) for the first time globally. This technology allows users to directly manage their cryptocurrency in their personal wallets, unlike the current market service model where the corporate entity holds and manages all deposited cryptocurrencies, similar to personal bank accounts in the banking sector. This enhances transparency and reliability, differentiating us from competing services.

The elements of our SKL2 service, particularly in terms of asset management, will provide stability to deposits and holdings, thereby leading the industry with competitiveness, enabling growth, and offering market trust with our distinctive high service competitiveness compared to other companies providing services through centralized technologies.

2. Hybrid Decentralized Services

The introduction of new decentralized technologies using the s2k L2 system provides casino participants with asset stability and transparency of operations. By moving away from centralized services and ensuring transparency of funds, you will gain a competitive edge in the future online casino market.

3. ICO

N-PIK, a blockchain service based on a Ugandan casino license, is proposing an ICO service to take advantage of positive business opportunities to gain competitive advantage in the market and realize profits for participating users.

In addition, since token earnings are not limited just to participation in casino games, we can present opportunities for profit realization from a wider user pool.

4. Game Lineup Competitiveness

N-PIK service provides services in four major lineups: Pragmatic Play + Evolution + Original lineup + Game Launchpad lineup.

The introduction of Pragmatic Play and the Evolution game lineups may not offer much of a difference from third-party services.

Our game lineup is one that we develop ourselves, and we will continue to present unique games that are different from the existing market, which will differentiate us from existing Blockchain online casinos.

Along with this, the lineup for the game launchpad, which is currently in preparation, will be presented after the service establishes itself in the market. Launchpad lineup based on games using NFT will provide scalability beyond the Blockchain online casino market, allowing us to grow into a major player in the market alongside N-PIK Token.


Play PIK token is a new token service exclusive to N-PIK platform, which is issued only to users who participated in the ICO or through service airdrops, and can only be enjoyed within the N-PIK service.

The Play PIK token is designed to provide opportunities for ICO participants to recover their initial investment funds by maintaining the purchased PIK tokens and receiving additional PLYP through Bank Swap and trading, or by participating in gameplay to earn additional PIK coins.

*During the ICO, there may be instances where Play PIK tokens cannot be airdropped upon reaching a certain point.

N-PIK will expand its licensing to become a global betting game launcher service, allowing customization and publishing of games from various betting game developers and general game developers as betting games. Please stay tuned for the evolving N-PIK service ecosystem.

N-PIK services will continue to evolve with your participation, shaping the future together.

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